Fall Landscaping Clean Up Services in Clarksville, MD

Home to approximately 11,240, the residents of Clarksville, Maryland are able to enjoy the small community life so many people crave while still being able to enjoy the comforts of nearby cities. At Rhine Landscaping, we know how busy your life can be during the fall months. From running the kids to every practice and adjusting to the new schedule to the everyday commute to work, life doesn’t seems to quiet down until after the New Year. Don’t spend what little quiet time you have outside doing yard work. Let us do it for you!

Leaf Removal

Rhine Landscaping’s leaf removal services, you’ll be able to enjoy the look of the colorful leaves without having to spend your weekend with a rake. While they look beautiful when they change colors, leaves can actually be hazardous to the health of your family as well as your lawn. Leaves that are wet can become slippery and will often stain your shoes, patio, and deck. They can also ruin your lawn. Leaves can also smother your lawn, blocking out sunlight which will prevent photosynthesis. This lack of light will eventually kill your lawn, leaving dark patches of dead grass all over your lawn.

Fall Pruning

Caring for your tree and shrubs is an intricate part of your fall landscaping maintenance routine. Pruning your trees and shrubs before winter sets it will give prune wounds a chance to heal before spring comes. This process will allow new growth to form. Removing any dead or damaged limbs from deciduous, evergreen, and fruit trees will help remove any potential hazards that could fall down during the winter storms. At Rhine Landscaping, our landscaping professionals will prune your trees and shrubs to help minimize falling limbs during snowstorms and to renew their growth in the spring. With regular maintenance, your trees and shrubs will be around for years to come!

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