Landscaping Services in Columbia, Maryland

Mother Nature is always sure to keep you on your toes in the state of Maryland and Columbia, Maryland isn’t an exception. Ranking in one of the country’s nicest places to live, this suburb is not immune to the ever-changing weather. But the residents of Columbia have learned to adapt to the seasons by hiring Rhine Landscaping to keep up with the demand for maintenance. If is too short to have to constantly worry about your landscaping, so let Rhine Landscaping do the worrying for you.

Spring and summer

Spring is the season for new growth and replenishment. So when is the better time to hire someone to plant new things into the rich soil? Plants that had died over the winter months will need to be tended to with our own special brand of Spring Cleaning. Shrubs and trees are pruned, flowers are deadheaded and mulch is put down to help things grow. As the summer thunderstorms roll in, grass soaks up the water and starts to grow right under your feet. To keep crab grass away, Rhine Landscaping will mow the lawn, weed whack, and leave your lawn looking like the ornament it was always meant to be.

Autumn and winter

When the flowers begin to die, there is nothing worse than dealing with the dried up petals and having to shuffle through your tree’s dropping to get from the house to the car. That is where Rhine comes in with its autumn maintenance plan which includes heavy pruning, thinning trees, and leaf removal. As winter rolls into the area, slow clouds loom in the distance. Rhine can provide winter maintenance to remove snow from driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks. Once the white stuff has been removed, salt is applied to the area to keep Jack Frost away.

These yearly maintenance packages allow your customers, family, and friends to feel safe visiting you. Don’t let Mother Nature dictate how you spend your free time and call Rhine for our seasonal maintenance plans.

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