Basement Waterproofing and Drainage Services in Baltimore

The hassle that follows a flooded basement is never worth the effort it takes to prevent it.  Instead of allowing your basement to fill with rainwater every time there’s a storm, you can take the proper steps to help eliminate the problem.  Rhine Landscaping has the perfect waterproofing solutions that will keep your basement dry for years to come.  There’s no need for pumps and industrial fans when you work with Rhine.  We stop the water before it touches your basement in the first place.


Why Choose Rhine For Your Basement Waterpoofing


In Baltimore, there are plenty of older, historical homes that were not built with modern drainage technology.  This has led to frequent local instances of basement flooding, especially during our particularly rainy seasons.  Rhine believes in keeping the water out; our motto is, “We believe in keeping the rainwater outside where it belongs.”  Our policy allows us to focus on drainage rather than water removal.  If you live in a place where there is frequent flooding, then waterproofing your basement is a vital change you need to make.  We’re unlike other waterproofing businesses, because we can provide the physical labor where they aren’t willing to.  We provide several solutions to the problem, as well; this just proves we’re dedicated and educated!  


What Does Waterproofing Do?


There are some simple, less work-intensive solutions to basement flooding.  For example, we can install a few pipes underground that will redirect rainwater away from your foundation.  Channels and drains in the driveway, French drains, and regrading the lawn to collect water–all of these are easy solutions we can provide for you that will keep your basement dry.  However, we can also offer you as much labor that is required for an extensive job.  We can completely rework your foundation, give you new sump pumps, and excavate the entire area in order to waterproof your foundation.  Living in Baltimore requires you to be ready for any type of flooding that could occur, and older homes are at a severe risk.  To prevent damage, talk to us.  Even if you think your waterproofing job will be too difficult, Rhine will be able to provide the labor and manpower it takes to complete it.  Don’t waste your time draining flooded basements again and again.  Fix the problem, once and for all, with Rhine Landscaping.


Call Rhine Landscaping today in order to take one step closer towards waterproofing your basement in Baltimore!


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