Basement Waterproofing in Highland, Maryland

Often referred to as “the Crossroads,” Highland, Maryland is the point where route 108 and 216 meet. With a population of approximately 1,034 residents, this town is an ideal location for families who commute to the surrounding cities of Columbia, Ellicott City, and Washington, DC. But this ideal location doesn’t mean everything about your property is ideal. For many residents in this town, basement flooding is a serious problem. But with Rhine Landscaping, your family and home will be safe from potential health problems and other dangers caused by flooding.

Potential Health Risks

One of the major health concerns is the potential mold growth that can happen after a flood. Mold can start to grow on a wet surface in 24 to 72 hours after water damage. Not only does mold ruin your walls, but it can also cause severe health problems for your family including allergies, rashes, headaches, sore throats, fatigue, internal organ damage, and in rare cases chronic nose bleeds. But with Rhine Landscaping on the job, you won’t have to worry about these health concerns anymore!

The Rhine Landscaping Way

Unlike other waterproofing companies, our goal is to keep water out instead of managing it once it is inside. Our basement waterproofing experts will direct the water away from your home before it seeps into your basement. Our experts will direct water away from your house before it has the chance to seep into your basement walls and can even excavate around the foundation to repair any cracks and holes where water could be entering your basement. After excavating around your home, we will install one of two options: a heavy-duty rubber liner or a dimpled membrane system. These systems are used to keep moisture away from the foundation when applied to the outer foundation. Before filling in the trenches, we will also install an exterior French drain to redirect the water away from your home. We can also discuss regrading your property and redirecting roof water drains and downspouts away from your home. Our experts will install drain boxes, channel drains, French drains, flow-well systems, and complete exterior basement waterproofing systems to keep your basement dry and safe from mold and damage.

Unlike other waterproofing companies, we will protect not only your home and basement but your plants as well. Our crew is complete with landscaping experts to ensure your landscaping is put back just the way it was before. Another bonus of choosing Rhine Landscaping is our guarantee. All of our work is guaranteed for five years. So what are you waiting for? Call Rhine Landscaping today!

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