Basement Waterproofing in Ellicott City, Maryland

Built into the side of a hill, Ellicott City, Maryland is a favorite spot of visitors and history buffs alike. While tourists love to wander up and down the hills, these hills can be damaging when they help push water into your basement. If you notice a musty or moldy smell or water in your Ellicott City home, it is time to call Rhine Landscaping for basement waterproofing service!

The Rhine Landscaping Difference

When you first discover a wet basement, your first instinct may be to call the first company on your Google search. But these companies aren’t always the best fit for your home. These companies can come to your home and convince you that the best way to handle the situation is to dig a trench around your basement floor to install a sump pump. Although this manages the problem, it won’t stop water from entering your basement and will cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, Rhine Landscaping is on your side! Our goal is to keep water out of your home, not manage it. Our waterproofing experts will work to direct the water away from your house before it has the chance to seep into your basement walls. If needed, we can even excavate around the foundation of your home and seal any cracks or holes where water can enter your basement. By teaming up with a landscaping company, your home’s landscaping will be in excellent hands and put back better than it was before!

Trust the Rhine Way

After excavating the outside of your home, we will install one of two options: a dimpled membrane system or a heavy-duty rubber liner. These two systems are used to keep moisture away from your foundation when applied to the outer foundation of your home. Before backfilling the trench, we will also install a new exterior French drainage system to redirect the water from your home. We will also discuss regrading your property and making sure roof water drains and downspouts are emptying away from the foundation. Our waterproofing experts will also install drain boxes, channel drains, French drains, flow-well systems, and complete exterior basement waterproofing systems to keep your basement dry and safe. Unlike other companies, our work is guaranteed for five years!

Eliminates Health Concerns

With Rhine Landscaping’s basement waterproofing services, you won’t have to worry about your family’s health. When water seeps into your Ellicott City home, it can leave behind something more damaging than water stains and wet drywall: mold. Mold starts to grow in your home 24 to 72 hours after water damage, damaging your building materials and causing severe health problems for your family. They could experience symptoms like allergies to internal organ damage. But with our basement waterproofing services, your Ellicott City home will be fully protected.

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