Basement Waterproofing in Cooksville, Maryland

Located in western Howard County, Cooksville, Maryland is the perfect mix of small-town life with easy access of the metropolitan areas of the county. The approximately 745 residents of this town enjoy a short commute to the local cities and to the Nation’s Capital. With large properties and beautiful homes, the residents of Cooksville take pride in their homes. What happens when their homes are damaged by a flooding basement? But when you choose Rhine Landscaping, your Cooksville home will be protected from these floods and the health problems they can cause.

The Rhine Way

When you choose an experienced company like Rhine Landscaping, your basement will be in good hands. Unlike other basement waterproofing companies, our goal is to keep water out of your basement, not just to manage it when it floods your home. Our waterproofing experts work to direct the water away from your home. This redirection keeps water from seeping into your basement walls and foundation. Our crew will check the structure of your foundation and, if cracks are found, excavate around the foundation and seal any cracks or holes where water could be entering your basement. After excavation, our team will install a new dimpled membrane or a heavy-duty rubber liner to keep moisture away from your foundation. Before filling the trench, our waterproofing experts will install a new drainage system for your home. We will also discuss regrading your home if necessary and help to ensure the roof drains and downspouts are emptying away from the foundation. Our waterproofing crew can also install drain boxes, channel drains, flow-well systems, and other exterior waterproofing systems to keep your basement dry and safe. All of our work is guaranteed for five-years.

Eliminate Your Health Concerns

Health concerns are a major part of waterproofing your basement. Not only can flood waters bring water damage and stains, it can also cause mold to grow in your Cooksville home. Mold can start to grow between 24 to 72 hours after water damage has occurred in your home. It can start to grow on almost any surface, causing damage to your building materials and health. Mold health problems can range from allergies to internal organ damage if the problem is persistent. But with Rhine Landscaping’s waterproofing services, your Cooksville home is in the best hands possible! For more information on our waterproofing service, call Rhine Landscaping today!

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