Basement Waterproofing in Clarksville, Maryland

When you own a valuable home like the ones in Clarksville, Maryland, it is important to take care of it from the top to the bottom. If you have ever noticed your basement developing a musty or moldy smell or any water in your basement after a rainstorm, then it is probably time for a basement waterproofing service!

Typical Waterproofing Companies versus Rhine Landscaping

When you first discover that your basement is damp or wet, your first instinct is to call a company found by a simple internet search. But these companies aren’t always the best fit for your home. They may show up at your home and convince you that the best way to handle the situation is the cut a trench around your basement floor and install a sump pump to discharge the water. Unfortunately, this only manages the problem and doesn’t solve your basement issues. There is a better way of waterproofing your basement. At Rhine Landscaping, our goal is to keep the water from entering your house in the first place. With our large workforce, we are able to tackle these jobs and solve your drainage problems the right way. In many cases, we can direct the water away from your house before it is able to seep into your basement walls. In more severe cases, we can excavate around the foundation of your home and seal any cracks or holes where water can enter your basement. Since we are a landscaping company, we can dig and transplant all of your valuable shrubs with little damage. When we are finished your exterior waterproofing project, you will hardly notice that we were there.

The Rhine Way

Our school of thought is to keep the water out of your home altogether. After excavating along the outside of your home, we will install either a dimpled membrane system or heavy-duty rubber liner against the outer foundation of your home. Before we backfill this trench, we will also install a new exterior French drainage system.  There are also the options of regrading around your home and making sure roof water drainage/downspouts are emptying away from the foundation.  At Rhine Landscaping, we install drain boxes, channel drains, French drains, flow-well systems, as well as complete exterior basement waterproofing.

Eliminates Health Concerns

With Rhine Landscaping’s basement waterproofing service, you will be able to relax in the knowledge that your family is healthy and safe.  When water rushes into your Clarksville home, it can leave behind something more damaging than water stains: mold.  Mold cannot only damage your home’s building materials, but it can also cause severe health problems ranging from allergic reactions to internal organ damage.  But with our basement waterproofing, your Clarksville home and family will be fully protected and we guarantee our work with a Five Year Guarantee.

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