Annuals make beautiful additions to any garden

Annuals make beautiful additions to any garden


Though the weather outside is pretty frightful, spring will soon be here. Thus, the time has come to start thinking about the kinds of flowers you might want to introduce into your gardens and landscapes. There are lots of different kinds of flowers to choose from, but the ones we’re going to discuss today are called “annuals.” These types of flowers typically last one growing season, therefore need to be replanted every year. However, annual flowers are known for their beautiful foliage and long-lasting blooms.

Benefits of working with annuals

One of the best things about planting annual flowers is your ability to change your mind from year to year. Because these little flowers only last a year, you have the freedom to redesign your garden with each new spring. This allows for some creative liberty. Another benefit to planting these is that you can learn from them. If you’re new to gardening, then working with a flower that you know will die by the end of the season may alleviate some of the stress. If it dies earlier, then so be it. Gardening is supposed to be fun, so experimenting with different types of flowers is a good way to get your bearings.

Fun annual options

Annuals are notoriously gorgeous flowers, so there are few places to truly go wrong when choosing them.

  1. Begonias: These beauties are very easy to work with. They thrive in most climates and love lots and lots of fertilizer. They’re good for beginning gardeners who want to start with something pretty hardy, but their beautiful petals attract many different levels of expertise.
  2. Bachelor’s Buttons: This little bloomer likes to reseed pretty freely and it is also relatively painless to work with. It can handle a little drought and promises to bring a little purple flourish to any garden or yard.
  3. Zinnias: These flowers are also relatively easy to grow. They need lots of sun and can benefit from some fertilizer. They bloom rather quickly and make excellent bursts of color.

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