professional landscape designer drawing plan for landscape

A professional landscape designer can help you to avoid the pitfalls of trying to design your landscape yourself.

Whether you are looking to get a garden that will survive the winter or already dreaming of spring and the flowers you’ll plant, hiring a professional landscape designer can seem like an unnecessary expense. However, professional landscape designers have a huge amount of expertise and other skills that they can bring to your project. Here are five reasons why hiring a professional landscape designer is worth your while.

Thorough Site Analysis

Even though you live on your property and see it every day, that doesn’t mean that you have an in depth understanding of the ecosystem that your property is a part of. Professional landscape designers have the skill to determine the best plants and designs for your specific piece of land on a big and small level.

Conceptual Design

After determining the composition of your site, a professional landscape designer has a huge bank of ideas and past designs to pull from when designing your landscape. Beyond a wealth of ideas, your professional landscape designer will be able to help you sort through all of your amazing options and come up with a plan that you love.

Planning the Construction Necessary

Beyond developing the conceptual design, a professional landscape designer can come up with a construction plan to implement that design on a sustainable and doable budget and maintenance schedule.

Building Your Budget

It’s easy to come up with a budget, but it is hard to stick to it! A professional landscape designer can build you a realistic budget and then walk you through the steps of pricing and examining quotes. Keep in mind that the work the professional landscape designer did is good for years, so if you can’t afford to make the entire plan a reality this year you can space it out over time.

Help with Contractors

Some professional landscape designers can build parts of the plan within their own business, but others simply do the designing. Your professional landscape designer will be a huge help to you when it comes time to hire and deal with landscape contractors, as they have recommendations and existing working relationships at their disposal.

Professional Landscape Design for Your Home

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