Fall is a great time to take a look at your landscaping efforts and get creative with it.

The beauty of fall presents itself in lovely tones from the leaves and cool, crisp weather. Although the days become shorter, there are still many ways to keep up with the look of your landscaping during this chillier season. Check out these five tips that will keep your landscape in the best condition this season.  

  • Lawn Maintenance

During your last cut of the season, cut your grass a little lower than you normally would during the summer. As the fall season approaches, the shorter grass length helps prevent disease and blight. An added benefit is that the shorter grass length will make raking your leaves a lot easier as your rake won’t get caught on the longer grass as you’re raking it across your lawn.

  • Start Planting

Although it’s not typically the time of year that people think about planting, but starting your garden and other plants in the fall will yield larger growth when spring rolls back around. You can start by planting a shrub or even some spring bulbs. Getting started in this season will help your plants establish stronger root systems for stronger growth in the spring.

  • Accessorize

The fall is known for shorter days and gray, foggy weather. You can brighten up your landscape by bringing more color into the design. Use some fun, colorful window treatments to add curb appeal to your home, and add flower boxes with some of your favorite flowers.

  • Raking

A recurring chore throughout the fall season is raking up falling leaves. Staying on top of this chore makes your landscaping look tidier and neat. Plus, you can use the raked-up leaves for mulch in your garden, to help protect any new plants from the harsh weather of the fall and upcoming winter season. Once you rake up the leaves, be sure to safely collect them as leaves on the walkways and roadways are slippery and become hazardous to pedestrians and drivers.

  • Add Warmth

If you have the space on your property, take this time to add a fun light or fire feature in your yard. Being able to have friends and family gather around the warmth of a fire pit or other similar feature will extend the amount of time you get to spend outdoors and add a lovely focal point to your landscape.

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