cost-efficient landscaping

Doing some conscientious landscaping this fall can help you save money in the long run!

When it comes time to complete your fall landscaping maintenance, it can seem like expenses pile up quickly! If you are looking for less expensive ways to prepare your beautiful yard for the chill of winter, here are five of the most cost-efficient landscaping tools to keep your yard looking picture perfect.


Now that the summer heat has faded, your perennials have probably overtaken parts of your garden thanks to all of the sunshine. Fall is a great time to divide them and replant them in other places. One of the most cost-efficient landscaping tools is shopping your own yard instead of the garden supply store. Hostas, Black-Eyed Susans, and Shasta Daisies get huge in well-kept gardens like yours, so don’t waste them. Dig the perennials up, cut them in half, and put one half back and the other half in the new destination.


Fall is a great time to move parts of your yard or garden around so that they can receive more (or less) sunlight. Azaleas or Boxwood shrubs move very easily in the fall, and transplanting them from one part of your yard to another is a great way to cut costs and further decorate your landscaping.

Clean Up

Treat fall just like spring in terms of yard clean-up and maintenance. Rake leaves while the weather is nice, take care of dividing and transplanting, and edge your beds now so that they’ll be ready once the ice melts in many months.


One of every gardener’s least favorite aspects of yard maintenance is weeding. Fall seems like a break from the task to many people, but don’t stop weeding yet! Leaving weeds behind in the fall ensures that even more will grow back next year. During the wall, those weeds go to seed that will be spread all fall and winter by birds and the wind. Once their dormancy period ends in the spring, your yard will be full of the weeds you neglected to pull.


Many homeowners wait until the spring to seed their lawn, but that isn’t the optimal time to get your grass started. In spring, the ground is cold and all of your plants will be slow to respond to fertilization as they emerge from dormancy. Fall is a much better time to get seeding done.

We Can Help You Cut Costs and Keep Your Yard Beautiful

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