Warmer weather in spring is a great excuse to get outside for the season, making now a perfect time to assess your landscape for any damage that may have been caused by winter weather. If you find a few things that need clean up or repair, there is no need to worry! Cleaning up your landscape for spring can be as simple as these four easy tips.

4 Spring Clean Up Tips for Your Landscape

A tree or plant is only as healthy as its soil, so it is necessary to revive your soil by mulching well this spring.

Check Your Yard for Winter Damage

If your yard endured freezing temperatures this winter, it may be an especially good idea to check your trees and plants for winter burn and damage. Although freezing temperatures are never good for most plants, some may be more resilient than others. Take note of any plants or trees that may be struggling to recover from chilly temperatures so that you or your landscaping team can make any necessary repairs as needed for the spring.

Revive Your Soil and Mulch Landscape Beds

A tree or plant is only as healthy as its soil, so it is necessary to revive your soil by mulching well this spring. Bring those trees and plants back to life with nutrients provided by fresh soil, filling your landscape beds with moist mulch to keep your plants healthy throughout the spring.

Save Your Plants and Trees from Early Weeds

While it is never too late to pull weeds from your yard and garden, it is even better to take preventative measures towards avoiding them altogether. Utilize a trusted herbicide or manually remove troublesome weeds in their earliest stages. By getting your garden off to a fresh start, you are ensuring the health of your plants well into the late summer months.

Repot Container Plants in Your Landscape

Another way to ensure that the plants in your landscape are well taken care of is to repot existing plants into larger containers that will allow them to grow throughout the season. If you’re unsure of whether or not to repot, look for signs such as overly compressed or dried out roots showing from the soil. Carefully transporting your plants to new pots with fresh soil will quickly bring your plants back to life so that they are ready to shine in your spring and summer landscape. With this, it is equally important to maintain a watering schedule so that they never dry out, even on the hottest days of the year. Not only will updated containers extend the life of your plants during the season, but they will also enhance your landscape design with a color scheme.

Professional Landscape Design for Your Home

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