Tarps used in landscaping

Tarps are the universal tool for landscapers – get one of your own today!

Landscaping can be a lot of hard work – designing, digging, hauling, mulching, planting, mowing, the works! Professional landscapers work hard so that you don’t have to, but you may find some of their tricks and tips useful as you work to maintain your own gorgeous landscaping. Here are four tips to help you get the most out of your landscaping escapades.

It’s a Tarp!

Tarps are the universal tool for landscapers. Need to move bulky piles of leaves, weeds, or sticks? Use a tarp. Need to dig a hole, but don’t want to spread dirt all over your grass? Use a tarp. Need to cover fragile plants from rain or snow? Use a tarp. Don’t want your mulch or stones to escape the back of your truck while you’re driving home from the nursery? Use a tarp.

Weed Fabric Barriers

Weed fabric is meant to prevent the accumulation and growth of weeds in your gardens, but it’s really best used away from other plants. Place weed fabric under gravel or mulch walkways to prevent weeds from growing up between the stones – don’t bother putting it in flower beds, as the weeds will just find a way to grow on top of it.

Natural Edges

While plastic or metal edging can help keep the clean lines of a specific patio or garden design, natural edges are much easier to maintain over the long term and provide more flexibility for changes to the landscape

Fertilize at the Start

Before you plant anything, make sure to use a starter fertilizer. Look for fertilizers that have low nitrogen, a bit more phosphorous, and mycorrhizae. The last is a beneficial fungi that helps to greatly increase the soil area from which plant roots draw their sustenance. If you start your plants off right, then you will have less to worry about later on.

Ready for the Landscaping professionals to lend you a hand?

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