eco friendly outdoor space

Creating an environmentally friendly outdoor space is easier than you think!

Outdoor living spaces are a great investment for many homeowners. If you plan on putting your home on the market or want to create an outdoor space for your entire family to enjoy, there are some simple ways to make your space more environmentally friendly and reap the amazing benefits that come with going green. Reducing your carbon footprint is a wonderful reason to turn your outdoor space into a more environmentally friendly one.

Begin With Green Materials

If you are looking to build a stone patio in your home, then you may want to use permeable concrete or natural stone. These materials are more environmentally friendly than others and have a myriad of benefits as well. Another good material to use for your outdoor patio is rubber paving stones. Using rubber paving stones provides homeowners with the benefit of diverting waste that comes from landfills. On the other hand, if you are adamant on using wood for your outdoor space, try to incorporate reclaimed or recycled wood from other buildings into your patio design.

Use Reclaimed Water

The ideal way to make your outdoor space more environmentally friendly is to incorporate a rainwater harvesting system into your outdoor design. An easy way to set up this unique water saving system is to divert the rain from the usual runoff locations towards a massive above-ground container that will be able to collect the rainfall. You can then use this water for watering your plants and other greenery you may have on your property.

Build An Eco-Friendly Playground

Not only will an environmentally friendly playground benefit the environment in a positive way, there are little children who will reap massive rewards. It can be difficult to avoid toxic playground materials. However, it is ideal to look for a set of playground materials that incorporates sustainable wood or recycled plastic within the design. Furthermore, if you have the outdoor space, consider using artificial turf for your outdoor space. This material is known to be environmentally friendly while also providing a very soft area for young children to play on.

Professional Landscape Design for Your Home

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