pool cleaning tips

Keeping your pool clean is essential, and saves you problems down the road.

Pool season is upon us!  Your spring cleaning is over, and you’re ready to use that pool and put it to good use.  Warm weather and bright sun are bringing in the summer–taking a dip in the pool is the perfect way to cool down.  Unfortunately, with all the maintenance that comes with owning a pool, you’ll be stressed about that more than you’ll be able to enjoy your swim.  Not everyone can afford a daily pool cleaning.  So, here are some tips from Rhine Landscaping to help keep your pool clean as summer rears its head.


  1. Use panty hose to collect debris.


You read that right–covering the filter bucket with panty hose uses the fine mesh material to catch smaller debris.  Filter bucket slits are sometimes too big to catch dead bugs, leaves or other tiny particles.  You’ll be able to catch a lot more using this method.  Plus, it’s easy clean up!  Just take off the hose, clean it, and use it again and again.  You can recycle old hose this way, and it’ll save you energy.


  1. Use a tennis ball to soak up oils.


The material on the outside of a tennis ball can actually absorb most oils that can alter the balance of your pool’s chemicals.  These oils can come from sunscreen, human skin, and makeup, so they’re virtually unavoidable when swimming season comes.  It’s hard to see these oils in action, so you may not even realize it’s a problem.  Just take a few balls and toss them in your pool overnight, and then rake them out in the morning.  Instant, nightly cleaning without any effort!


  1. DIY pool warming.


A quick Google search will yield a lot of different, creative ways to heat your pool that don’t require breaking the bank.  You can create your own “solar panels” which allow your pool water to soak up heat.  If your pool isn’t heated, colder days during the summer can be miserable.  Make sure you’re able to use your pool on as many days as you want by keeping it warm and inviting.  Your body will thank you.


Pool maintenance is really all about daily actions–a quick skim of the surface in the evening, a little chemical addition every now and then.  So, add these tips to your daily routine and make your life easier this summer.  Rhine Landscaping designs pools you won’t want to let go, and taking care of them properly means you’ll be doing yourself a favor.


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