Fire pits can increase home value and create a beautiful focal point. Let Rhine Landscaping build yours today!

Fire pits can increase home value and create a beautiful focal point. Let Rhine Landscaping build yours today!

Custom fireplaces and fire pits can be integrated into almost any part of a landscape to provide warmth, comfort, aesthetic appeal and functionality. Hardscaping elements like outdoor fireplaces and fire pits can also easily increase the value of your home, which is why they are currently gaining popularity amongst homeowners. There is just something magical about getting cozy next to a fire, especially when it’s outdoors. Let’s elaborate more on the benefits of an outdoor fireplace.

Extended Backyard Use


A fireplace or fire pit provides warmth and light to your space during the colder winter months. Even with snow on the ground, a fire feature creates a unique and comfortable atmosphere for you, your family and guests that will curb the chill. It extends your outdoor season, and becomes the winning focal point of your backyard. Not to mention, it gives you a great reason to throw a party.


Increase Home Value


Adding a fireplace or firepit or landscape increases the value of your home. It gives your property a modern and unique edge in comparison to traditional landscaping. The feature is trending, which means that more potential home buyers will be on the lookout for it – and impressed to find it. They can also accentuate the architecture of your current environment and home.


Design Options


Your fireplace or firepit will be designed using one of the following ignition systems: wood burning, natural gas, charcoal or charcoal/wood burning hybrids. You have several design options when customizing your fire feature. In fact, you even have the option to choose an upright, fully functional brick pizza oven instead of a fire pit. The unique fire feature possibilities are endless. At Rhine Landscaping, we offer several options including natural gas fire pits that use glass rocks made of special reusable tempered glass, resulting in a beautiful dancing fire!


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