Preparing for weed removal is an especially important aspect of landscaping in the spring when your plants are just starting to grow in warmer weather.

During a long winter, you may find yourself avoiding chores such as lawn and garden care that you normally tackle in the beautiful spring weather. With winter coming to an end and spring quickly approaching, it is now time to get back into the swing of things. Don’t fall behind this spring with your lawn and garden care. Be ready for outdoor entertaining with great landscaping this spring.

Get Ready to Mow

No matter how big or small your lawn may be, it will be in dire need of a good mowing after enduring some harsh winter weather. There are many misconceptions surrounding the amount of mowing that a yard requires, and many people believe that one mowing a week is sufficient for maintaining your lawn throughout the spring and summer. If you want to maintain the height of your grass to a single consistent length, it may need to be mowed even more frequently than that. Typically, your lawn requires a healthy trim once every five days, at least. It may even require a more frequent mowing since lawn care protocol dictates that we only cut a third of the length of a blade of grass at a time.

Keep Weeds Away

One of the most important aspects of landscaping is keeping your yard free of weeds. Preparing for weed removal  is an especially important aspect of landscaping in the spring when your plants are just starting to grow in warmer weather. You can keep weeds away for good by frequently redistributing the soil in your garden, which will also help your plants grow faster and healthier over time. Going into the spring, you may also want to purchase the right herbicide that is both safe for your garden and effective in controlling weed growth. You can also deter pesky weeds by preparing some plastic with holes cut in where you want your plants to grow to redirect your plants and keep weeds at bay.

Postpone Your Seeding

Another lawn care misconception is that you should immediately fill any patches in your lawn with grass seeds as soon at the start of spring. If you can, hold off on buying seeds until the fall. If you wish to fill the spots before then, you can start by fertilizing your lawn so that in only a few weeks, shoots will begin to grow and fill out your landscape beautifully.

Professional Landscape Design for Your Home

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