outdoor space

What do you want your outdoor space to look like?

We all want an outdoor space that is both beautiful and functional all at the same time. But there are two very essential questions that you need to ask yourself before embarking on your landscaping project.

What Do I Enjoy Doing Outside?

Many people have various ideas of what they actually enjoy doing outside and what they wish they enjoyed doing outside. You may think you want a fire pit, but in reality, you’ve never even built a fire and lack interest in ways to build a fire. But, what you really desire is an outdoor area meant for entertaining large groups of people, not an actual fire pit, which requires upkeep and maintenance. Instead, you are most likely looking to have a patio that could enable you to bring together a large group to sit and share stories and have meaningful conversations with one another.

What Outdoor Elements Make Me Happiest?

Your answer to this question will likely require some deep thought and careful consideration. If you are looking to create that perfect outdoor sitting area designed to encourage conversations, then try getting a chair and playing around with the layout of how you would want this patio area to look like. Place this chair in various areas to determine what is the best layout that brings you the most joy. Even if your property is smaller, every home has four distinct outdoor areas: front, back, and two sides. Each of these different areas has their own unique characteristics that can help determine where you would want this coveted outdoor space to be in relation to your home. Certain areas of your outdoor space get more or less light, depending on their position, and by going on this adventure, you can determine what area gets the best access to light and position your outdoor space accordingly.

If you desire a more garden-filled outdoor space, you may want to “test-drive” a mini garden. Go to different garden centers in your community to determine which types of plants you would want to feature in your outdoor space.

When you go out of your way to figuring out what exactly you want and need out of your outdoor space, the more you will actually enjoy the space once the project is completed.

Professional Landscape Design for Your Home

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