Five Benefits of Choosing a Paver Patio for your Maryland Pool

April 9th, 2014

Pool Paver PatioSummer days are meant for sipping drinks and cooling off by your pool. You want a relaxing, safe atmosphere to do this in. The patio around your pool is just as important as the pool itself; you need something that is going to be long lasting, durable, and slip resistant. One of the best choices for a patio that encompasses all of these things is a paver patio. They offer benefits over many other materials, including concrete. We’ve whittled the advantages down to what we think are the top five.

  1. Durable – Pavers can handle the effects of foot traffic, salt water, chlorine, and more. They’re long lasting and rarely crack or break, but even if they do, they are easily replaceable due to the uniformity and interlocking nature of pavers. You won’t have to worry about replacing your pool deck in a few years due to cracking, and that’s a great advantage of pavers.
  2. Nonslip – Because of how pavers are designed, they’re a great non-slip surface. If you’ve ever spent time around a pool, you know that concrete can get pretty slippery after a few hours of being splashed in the summer. Ideally, the surface of the patio around your pool should help you prevent slips and falls.
  3. Aesthetic Value – You can get pavers in just about any color, shape, and size imaginable. The patio that you create can be uniquely yours. With a little bit of help and advice from the experts, you can design the patio that’s in your head in a fairly inexpensive manner. Create the patterns you like and watch your pool deck come alive.
  4. Affordability – Pavers are generally much cheaper than concrete installation, especially if you’re going mortar-less. The turnaround for paver patios can also be much quicker than other materials, because you don’t have to take the time to wait for them to dry or set.
  5. Easy Installation – Even if you contract your pool patio to the professionals, easy installation will come in handy for you. The easier the installation, the lower the costs of labor. You’ll be able to save time and money by investing in a paver poolside.

Create the poolside you’ve always wanted with affordable, safe pavers. If you don’t already have a pool and are ready to make your summers cooler, you can also visit Rhine Pools for more information about building your in-ground pool. If you have any questions concerning paver patios for Maryland pools, contact Rhine Landscaping by calling 410-442-2445 or click here today! You can also follow us on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!


Hire a Professional Landscape Maintenance Company this Spring

April 4th, 2014

Professional LandscapingCan you feel it in the air? Spring is finally upon us! The weather has steadily been in the 50s and 60s for over a week now and the rain is coming; it’s time to whip your lawn and garden back into shape after the long winter we’ve had. Hiring a landscaping maintenance company can help you to do that and you’ll never have to lift a finger (except maybe to dial Rhine’s phone number or visit the website).  When spring and summer come around, you want to spend your time enjoying yourself outdoors, not working in it. That’s where we come in. There are many advantages to hiring a professional landscape maintenance company for your home.

  1. Save time – Spring and summer are meant to be enjoyed. Hiring a professional company means that you can be at work, out of town, on vacation, or even just relaxing while someone else does the hard work. Life gets busy and sometimes you need to get something off of your plate; landscaping is a good one to let go of.
  2. Professional grade work – DIY can be fun, but if you’re going for curb appeal or a professionally manicured lawn, a professional lawn maintenance company is the answer. With the right equipment and experience, professionals can get the job done quickly, efficiently, and beautifully while you focus on other things.
  3. KnowledgeProfessional landscapers have knowledge that your average person doesn’t have concerning grasses, trees, shrubs, and plants. They know when to prune, what grows best where, and how to care for difficult plants. Having someone who knows the ins and outs of botany can be the difference in a mediocre backyard and one that all your neighbors are talking about.
  4. Economical – Buying all of the equipment necessary to make your lawn look professionally cared for can get very, very expensive. Companies that focus on landscape maintenance already have the equipment and charge only what is necessary to make your law look its best. Plus, in times of recession, it’s a great boost to your local economy.
  5. Spring-cleaning – At Rhine, we offer a spring-cleaning service that will help prepare your lawn and garden for the spring and summer months. It’s a time to prune the old and plant the new. We know exactly what needs to be taken care of this time of year and are ready to tackle even the most difficult home landscaping job.

If you have any questions concerning professional landscape maintenance, contact Rhine Landscaping by calling 410-442-2445 or click here today! You can also follow us on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

Source: Benefits of Hiring a Professional Landscaping Company

What Water Feature is Right for You?

March 28th, 2014

Water Feature MarylandA water feature can be the defining conversation piece in your backyard. Water features breathe a little bit of life into every landscaping project. They’re known to be calming and add an element of Zen to a garden or patio area that will make you feel as relaxed as possible at your own home. There are many different types of water features to consider when you’re working out your landscaping plan. Which one you go with all depends on your preference and the amount of space you have to work with.

  • Fountains – These aren’t just for the rich and they don’t have to be huge features. You can have small, medium, or large fountains and they’re very customizable. Fountains will help you add some sophistication to your landscape.
  • Koi Ponds – The great thing about these ponds are the koi. While the pond itself can be a work of art, fish are known to have a calming effect. Combining your koi pond with a bubbler or a waterfall can add even more majesty to this ancient tradition.
  • Streambeds – Installing a flowing streambed can transform your entire yard if it’s done properly. Having a pretty rock stream flow through your backyard will make your landscaping the talk of the neighborhood. It’s also easy to add other features around a streambed, such as a water wall or fountain to enhance the stream.
  • Pondless Features – This is a recent trend that allows homeowners to have a water feature with a lot less maintenance than ponds, while still getting the calming benefits of a water feature in the backyard.

These are just a few options for water features. Using natural stone and rocks can make your water feature look and feel natural in your backyard. Water features give you a chance to create a backyard oasis, which can be a perfect getaway after a busy day in the office. Everyone needs to take some time to relax and find some inner peace. Water features are a simply way to do that. Get ready for summer by adding a water feature to your yard.

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Source: Water Features – Styles

Top 5 Reasons to Install an Outdoor Kitchen

March 19th, 2014

Outdoor KitchenBarbecue grills have been popular for decades and people have been cooking outside for as long as the human race has been around. At this point, we’re just ready to take it up to the next level: outdoor kitchens. There is no better time to build an outdoor kitchen than right now. Spring is finally here and summer is just around the corner. People are ready to start getting outside, breathing in that fresh air, and eating some good, old fashioned, outdoor cooking. There are many benefits to building an outdoor kitchen in your backyard.

  1. Entertaining – Running food in and out of the house can become a pain very quickly. If you’ve got a fully functional outdoor kitchen, you don’t have to worry about running in and out repeatedly for everything. You can cook your entrée and your sides right in the same place and serve them on your patio. Food and nice weather are the best recipe for entertainment.
  2. Adds Value – Installing an outdoor kitchen is a great way to add value to your home when you’re looking to sell. Having a kitchen in the back yard is a big draw for some. Plus, it looks nice; just make sure you’re using quality materials and taking good care of your outdoor kitchen.
  3. Easier Cooking – Not only will you have the food outside with your guests, but you’ll also keep the inside of your home clean, smokeless, and cool. This is a huge draw in the summer time when turning on the oven or the stove can seriously counteract your air conditioning.
  4. Adds Living Space – Cooking outdoors is not all about entertaining other people. Sometimes you and yours just need to get out of the house and enjoy the summer air. Adding an island or a table outside will give you some extra living space to enjoy good food and warm summer nights.
  5. Health Reasons – Did you know that grilled food is much healthier for you than most other cooking options? Adding grilled chicken to a salad can make it taste better without adding lots of extra calories and unnecessary additives.

Kick start your summer by installing an outdoor kitchen. Rhine Landscaping has the right materials and the right people to make your outdoor kitchen the talk of the neighborhood.

If you have any questions, contact Rhine Landscaping by calling 410-442-2445 or click here today!

Source: Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen

Landscaping With Rocks in Baltimore

March 11th, 2014

Spicing up your dull yard is simpler than you may think. A few well-placed rocks may be all it takes to turn a lazy lawn into a backyard masterpiece. This article from explains several different ways you can use rocks to transform your yard into the outdoor living space you have always wanted.rock features

Rock Garden: This simple solution to the boring backyard can add a nice focal point to the landscape. Rock Gardens typically include some larger rocks placed in a bed of smaller stones. This is the perfect solution for the homeowner who wants an aesthetically appealing lawn without having any upkeep. With no living parts, rock gardens offer the perfect hands-off lawn ornament.

Garden Pathway: Rocks can also create the perfect winding pathway through your yard – a nice alternative to concrete sidewalks. You can use larger rocks for the border and then fill in the middle with smaller stones and pebbles. Be creative and let the pathway accent your yard.

Ground Cover: You can use smaller rocks as ground covers to decoratively surround unattractive objects like spigots. The rocks will also help keep your ground from becoming muddy.

Steps: Larger flat rocks can be used to create natural looking stairs to elegantly accent your yard. The natural shape and size of the rocks will vary. You’ll need to dig out and level an area for each rock in the side of the hill. Larger stairs are best handled by a professional with equipment to lift the rocks, which get quite heavy.

Be creative and give your yard a more decorative feel. If you have any questions or if you just want more suggestions, contact Rhine Landscaping by calling 410-442-2445 or click here today!

Why Should I Install An Outdoor Firepit?

March 5th, 2014

Do you enjoy entertaining? Are you looking for the perfect focal point for your outdoor gathers? You want something that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Why not install an outdoor firepit?outdoor fire pit

This article from explains the seven steps you should take when installing your first firepit.

A firepit can be the perfect solution to an otherwise lifeless backyard, adding both looks and functionality to your landscape. But before you go throwing a pit randomly in your backyard, you must take several factors into account, including aesthetics and logistics. What style of pit will best fit your needs and your landscape? Firepits come in several variations – from stone ones that tower over 8 feet tall, to simple metal structures with a bowl. You will not want your new fire pit to clash with your yard, so do your research.

1.   Look for ways to extend elements from your patio around the fireplace. For instance, if your patio is made from bricks or pavers, edge the fireplace with the same materials for a seamless look.

2.   Plant a bed of flowers or place a cluster of container plants near the fireplace. Use the same types of plants you already have growing for continuity. On chilly days, you’re likely to sit close to the fire. Having plants nearby adds privacy and energy to the area.

3.   Look for landscaping accessories to accent the fireplace, such as a birdbath, sundial or bench made of the same material or painted the same color. You can set the item near the fireplace if it suits the rest of the environment, or place it in the yard where it makes the most sense.

4.   Paint clay pots the color of the fireplace. Adding a few potted plants around the immediate area where the fireplace sits is a subtle and easy way to complement the fireplace.

5.   Lay gravel around the base of the fireplace to catch any stray embers. Spread the same gravel over a plant bed leading to the fireplace.

6.   Set up an outdoor container fountain near the fireplace. The sounds of running water combined with the crackle of a fire provide a soothing, natural soundscape.

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Which Plants Are Right For My Garden?

February 25th, 2014

Gardens are beautiful and bring light and life into any space. At the same time they also take work, care and attention. Sometimes in our busy lives we don’t have the time to take care of gardens day in and day out. That is why, as this article explains, it is helpful to pick plants that can subsist easily in your area of the world.plants for garden

One of the biggest factors in your plant’s health is water. If you will not be available to water your plants often you can either make sure you have a timed sprinkler that waters them when necessary, or buy plants that are drought-resistant and thus do not need very much water. There are many plants that are specific for different regions or cities and grow best in those areas, so choosing plants that grow best in your city will mean they will be easier to maintain and heartier.

Another important factor for deciding on plants for your garden is size.  All of your plants will grow to be much larger than the seedlings that you plant. Make sure that you are prepared for this growth. Also do not plant plants too close to one another. If you do plant them too close together this could stunt the growth of them and affect their life.

Information like how big your plants will grow and how far apart to plant them can be found easily on the internet and in books anywhere.  If you do not want to spend the time on this you can also hire a garden designer. These experts can help you with any of your plant choosing questions.

As you can see deciding what plants to put in your garden is a decision that needs some consideration for many different factors. Once you have ironed out all of the particulars though, all of your planning and thought will be worth it. For any of your garden or plant questions contact Rhine Lawn Care and Landscaping at 410-442-2445 or click here!

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What Are Ornamental Grasses?

February 19th, 2014

What is ornamental grass and why should you incorporate it in your lawn? This article seeks to explain everything you need to know about this mysterious lawn decoration.

Ornamental grass is not your ordinary everyday grass. It is not meant to be mowed, it is not meant to be uniform, and it is not even meant to be tread upon. The only purpose of ornamental grass is to add to the overall aesthetics of your yard. Simspringmaintenanceilar to flowers or bushes, ornamental grass has no other function than to sit there and look pretty.

There are three main types of ornamental grasses that fall into three main categories – tall, intermediate and short. Each has its own unique features and function.

Tall Ornamental Grasses

Plume grass (Erianthus ravennae) is grown in zones 4-9. It grows 8′-11′ (its clump has a spread of 3′-4′). This plant, with its tall, thin shafts and fluffy coiffures, exhibits a delicate structure that lends a touch of charm to the harsh winter landscape. Because of its height, a plant such as plume grass can be used as a focal point.

Maiden grass (Miscanthus sinensis ‘Gracillimus’) is a fine choice in zones 5-9 for a tall drought-tolerant ornamental grass, as it reaches as much as 7’ in height, with a spread a bit less than that. Maiden grass (or “maidengrass”) bears coppery tassels as a seed-head in early fall, eventually growing lighter in color and adorning the plant as a “plume.” Don’t cut the clump’s stems back until after the bleakness of winter passes, since the graceful stems and puffy plumes of this plant will provide some visual interest on an otherwise barren December-February landscape.

Intermediate Ornamental Grasses

Purple fountain (Pennisetum setaceum ‘Rubrum’) is a tropical ornamental grass. If you live in an area subject to harsh winters, you’ll need to treat it as an annual. The plant reaches a height of 3-5 feet with a spread of 2-4 feet. Its purplish flower spikes are succeeded by fluffy, attractive seed heads tinged with purple or burgundy. Its spiky foliage is also burgundy in color.

Blue oat grass (Helictotrichon sempervirens) is a cool-season ornamental grass that can be grown in zones 4-8 and is effective for deer control (i.e., deer tend not to eat it). This ornamental grass attains a size of 2′-3′ x 2′-3′ and grows in a mounded form. Grow it in full sun and well-drained soils, if you wish to enjoy the signature blue hues of its foliage to the fullest. The plant also produces spiky, dark flowers with a bluish tint in summer that turn harvest gold in autumn.

Northern sea oats (Chasmanthium latifolium) is an ornamental grass that grows 24″-36″ high in loose clumps of green foliage. Its name derives from its seed pods, which look like oats. This deer-resistant ornamental grass is cold hardy to zone 5. Even after its leaves have dried and died, it provides visual interest to the winter landscape.

Short Ornamental Grasses

Lilyturf (Liriope spicata). Lilyturf ornamental grass can be grown in zones 4-10 and reaches only about 1′ in height. Lilyturf likes water, but also prefers well-drained soil. Select an area with partial shade and soil rich in organic matter for best results. This ornamental grass, too, has a spiky flower, ranging in color from white to lavender. In autumn it bears a dark berry. You’ll want to contain this plant, however, because it is invasive.

Blue fescue (Festuca glauca ‘Elijah Blue’). Click on the picture of blue fescue (above right) to access my picture gallery. The popularity of this clumping, drought-tolerant ornamental grass lies in the blue color of its foliage, which will beautifully complement any surrounding plants you may have with silvery foliage, such as lamb’s ears. The plant rather resembles a pincushion bristling with blue pins. As with maidengrass, cut back foliage in early spring. Divide every few years to rejuvenate.

If you have any question about ornamental grasses, contact Rhine Landscaping by calling 410-442-2445 or click here today!


What Is A Retaining Wall? Tips from Your Baltimore Landscaper

February 11th, 2014

A retaining wall is commonly used either to level the slopes on your property or to retain them giving your yard more vertical properties. Depending on  your space, it will vary on if your landscape needs to be leveled or if a vertical look will work well.Sandstone wall and garden

Retaining walls can be built for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes your Baltimore landscaper will build a retaining wall for added function to your yard, other times a retaining wall can be built for visual appeal. Often, a retaining wall can help compliment your landscape and turn it into the backyard oasis you have always dreamed of.

Below is a list of ways you can use a retaining wall in your Baltimore, Maryland property.

  • Functionality – a retaining wall is an easy way to create more space in your Baltimore landscape.
  • Elevation – using a retaining wall can create layers in your landscape. The layers can be used to elevate your patio, design water features and more. Talk to your Baltimore landscaper for more ideas.

When creating a retaining wall, it can also be made out of a variety of products. Some of the more popular items for a retaining wall in Baltimore are:

  • Concrete
  • Natural stone
  • Brick Veneer Walls

But, whatever you choose, Rhine Landscaping in Baltimore will make sure it provides the backyard oasis you have always dreamed of.

Complement your retaining wall with some landscaping, walkway and /or patio from Rhine Landscaping. Our Landscape Designers are happy to assist you with your project.

Call Rhine Landscaping today at 410-442-2445, if you are looking for new retaining walls to enhance your landscaping, hardscaping, and swimming pools. Our designers and landscapers can turn your dreams into reality.

We can help you transform your landscape into what you have always dreamed of.

If you have any questions, contact Rhine Landscaping by calling 410-442-2445 or click here today!

Rhine Landscaping in Baltimore, Maryland can handle every aspect of your landscape, from hardscapes and patios / walkways, to retaining walls, water features such as fountainsfireplaces/ firepits,swimming pools, landscape design, landscape installation, outdoor kitchensdecks, pavilions, basement waterproofingdrainage and more,

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What Are The Benefits Of A Fire Pit in The Winter?

February 3rd, 2014

Winter is here to stay. You didn’t have to watch the groundhog see his shadow yesterday to know that is true. There have been a ton of major snow storms here in Baltimore, but just because it is a little cold out, that doesn’t mean you should stop enjoying your beautiful backyard.

The Benefits of Fire Pits: The Perfect Winter Addition to any Landscape

If you love the great outdoors, a fire pit could be the perfect addition to your backyard. Benefits include:outdoor fireplace

  1. Entertainment: Do you like hosting parties? Is your home the local hangout spot for friends and family? If so, you NEED a fire pit. It is the perfect way to extend your parties well into the night, providing both light and warmth.
  2. Roast those Marshmallows: Nothing beats gathering around an open fire and roasting some marshmallows. But it doesn’t stop there. Add a grill to your fire pit and you can cook just about anything over the open flame.
  3. Focal Point: A fire pit could be the focal point your landscape so desperately needs.
  4. Home Value: A professionally built fire pit can add to your home value, while also making your home easier to sell. That’s what we like to call a win-win.

We can help you transform your landscape into what you have always dreamed of.

If you have any questions, contact Rhine Landscaping by calling 410-442-2445 or click here today!

Rhine Landscaping in Baltimore, Maryland can handle every aspect of your landscape, from hardscapes and patios / walkways, to retaining walls, water features such as fountainsfireplaces/ firepits,swimming pools, landscape design, landscape installation, outdoor kitchensdecks, pavilions, basement waterproofingdrainage and more,

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